Drug and Alcohol Addiction Therapy Marin

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Drug Alcohol Therapy San Rafael, CA
Have friends/family suggested you find some help for your drinking?

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling & Therapy

Marin Drug Recovery helps you to sift through the confusion of drug & alcohol addiction and find the most suitable options for your recovery needs. We provide drug and alcohol counseling and therapy in a safe, compassionate environment.

Trust & Experience

Celebrating 30 years of experience in the recovery field, San Rafael based Paul Pribuss, MFT is qualified to assess and appropriately guide you and your family members through the maze of drug and alcohol recovery options and provide an ‘effective-alternative’ to inpatient rehab.

Convenient Location

Marin Drug Recovery is located on a tree lined street, one block from the central square of downtown San Rafael. Freeway access is merely seconds away. Given the challenges you face on the road to recovery, the simple advantage of close proximity can make the difference between finding help or not.

Can I learn to control my drinking?

Is it possible to control my problem and drink normally again? Clients will often initiate treatment with the intention of learning to manage their situation with alcohol rather than abstaining.

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Is there any fun in life without drugs and alcohol?

In the beginning there was usually a great deal of pleasure, excitement and commaradie associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. It became one of our primary activities and we devoted a large amount of our daily routine to it’s pursuit.

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Why not try to get sober on my own?

Typically when we start looking for help with our drug and alcohol problems there has been some recent incident which causes the search. At this stage, if the truth is told, there have been many independent attempts to alter the pattern with which we use.

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