Achieving Recovery

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Achieving Recovery

Is recovery possible?

The simple answer is yes. Is recovery easy? Clearly this answer is no and the the task of recovery is the most difficult one people will face in life. We often hear terms and phrases regarding drug and alcohol addiction which are confusing. When a person stops using are they clean, sober, dry or in recovery? When they are using or relapsing are they dirty, dry drunk, off the wagon or in remission.  To clarify the terms, a person is either using a mind altering drug or they are not.  There is no in-between.  The path to achieving this recovery is complicated and varies from person to person. How a person is introduced to their individual plan is of little consequence. 

The following stages delineate the process of achieving recovery in a manner that has a high probability of success and can lead to a permanent changes in the addict’s life, as well as those associated with him.

4 Steps to Achieving Recovery



Sobriety very simply is not using any drug. This doesn’t allow for the substitute use of a drug there was no problem with.  The substitution concept will quickly result in a new drug of choice addiction. Cessation is primarily the result of a variety of behavioral techniques that aid in establishing new “clean” lifestyle patterns. This first stage is ongoing and is continually refined.



24 hours, 30 days, 90 days and one year are important markers along the road to stability. Treatment facilities typically accomplish their goal, which is to achieve abstinence for 30 days.  The real world presents challenges that often seem overpowering to a newly sober individual. Marin Drug Recovery is well aware of this predicament and is continually monitoring the client’s environment and dealing with these challenges on a “real time” basis.



Learning to live one’s life in a healthy manner and exploring the causes of addiction becomes the basis of recovery. The process of this discovery is frequently confusing and frustrating and requires courage and willingness.  Without insight and lifestyle modification relapse will surely occur.



W.C. Fields once said, “It’s easy to quit drinking, I’ve done it hundreds of times”. Relapse is a very discouraging aspect of the recovery process and one to be avoided. It’s not that challenging to get sober in rehab, detox or jail and life in the real world is where the work really begins.  We provide extensive aftercare and follow-up for all clients who successfully complete our program.