Can I learn to control my drinking?

Is it possible to control my problem and drink normally again? Clients will often initiate treatment with the intention of learning to manage their situation with alcohol rather than abstaining. Their hope is that they can drink similarly to a time in the past when it didn’t seem to be such an issue. Usually there will be some problem with work, school, family, relationship, legal or medical as a result of their drinking and some authority has required or demanded they get help as their lives have spiraled out of control. Hopefully they can change so their association with alcohol will become normal and the problems will end. At Marin Drug Recovery we believe that this option is viable and totally dependent on the level of participation involved. We don’t believe in overly diagnosing clients and feel they deserve a chance to achieve their stated goal. It is important to note that by the time one realizes they need help the options have become limited and cessation is typically the only viable one.
  • Are the odds in your favor that control drinking is possible; are the consequences worth it?
  • Public perception has created a mystique with alcohol, romanticizing its use
  • Are you rarely content with one drink and typically desire at least a few more.
  • In honest reflection, the paring of wine/ beer/ ale with a wonderful meal was never the primary intent, but rather to achieve a feeling of well being, stress reduction, buzz.
  • Once the pleasure receptors are opened is is very difficult to control our desire for more
  • How many times have you tried to control the problem only to fail again, and again?