Choosing the path to your therapist

Make the Right Choice in Choosing Your Therapist

The time to find a therapist has come, and the prospect seems overwhelming

The Various Labels

  • Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Social Worker

Don’t Forget the Credentials

  • PsyD
  • MFT
  • PhD

How do you find the person who is right for your needs?

We believe it’s most important to consider the actual individual with whom you’ll place your trust, rather than accept a random assignment.

Consider these following traits to determine if your therapist or counsellor is the right match for you.

  • Available; Able to schedule a convenient meeting time on a regular basis.
  • Location; The more convenient the location the less apt one is to miss appointments.
  • Knowledgable; Is the therapist well versed in the speciality of the field.
  • Experience; Has the therapist been involved in the field for a sufficient amount of time. Do they have their own history, their own therapy.
  • Connection; Do they seem trustworthy and likable. Would you feel comfortable discussing intimate issues with them.
  • Affordable; Do you feel you can afford therapy for an extended period of time.
  • Responsive; Have you found the candidate to be responsive and prompt in the exchange.
  • Referral; Have friends or family had a positive experience with this therapist.
  • Gender; most people have a preference. Follow your intuition.
  • Licensed; verify online and check for infractions.
  • Phone; take the first step and see how it feels to talk to this person.
  • Do you know who your primary counselor or therapist really is?
Take some time to explore the above considerations with Paul Pribuss MFT, at Marin Drug Recovery. The correct choice will certainly change your life.