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Finding the right match for help in this critical time of your life will result in the difference between success and failure in your recovery. Often the window of opportunity to make changes in our lives can be fleeting. Therefore it is important move quickly and make solid choices based on respect, trust, and the reliability of your provider.

Waiting to find the ‘perfect’ provider or facility if often a stall technique. The client appears to be saying the right words but hoping that a short amount of time will elapse, enabling them to resume a version of their previous using pattern.  Additionally during this short delaying tactic our bodies do recover and the urgency to seek treatment is not as apparent.  It is easier for the alcoholic or addict to make a case that treatment isn’t necessary.  How many times have you witnessed this process and are you willing to wait for the inevitable disaster to reoccur?

Marin Drug Recovery provides a valuable service in this regard. We are able to assess your current level of addiction and direct you to a level of treatment suited to your individual needs.

We believe the amount of money spent on rehab doesn’t necessarily equate to the level of success achieved in one’s recovery. The exorbitant dollars spent on recovery often represent fringe benefits or extra bells and whistles not directly related to the rehabilitation process. (Gourmet meals, luxurious settings, saunas and weight rooms) Just as one can get a wonderful education at the local community college and fail at an esteemed venerable institution, rehab is no different. Clearly the effort, commitment and dedication of the participant, as well the provider, is what makes the difference. Additionally the proximity for family participation is of great importance and should be taken into consideration.

While it is important to find a comfortable and compatible setting, it is equally important to sculpt this to one’s actual needs. Having sound knowledge, trust and faith in one’s actual provider can make a great difference in this pursuit. 

At Marin Drug Recovery you are able to meet and interact with your actual therapist/counselor/guide and can make an informed decision.  We feel that this bond is the cornerstone of a successful path to recovery.

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