Fun without Drugs

Is there any fun in life without drugs or alcohol?

In the beginning there was usually a great deal of pleasure, excitement and commaradie associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. It became one of our primary activities and we devoted a large amount of our daily routine to it’s pursuit. Often the habit had originated in our formative years when we were desperately searching for acceptance and the drug became the ‘admission ticket’ to seemingly fulfilling life. As we progressed many of our daily activities had some connection with using. Yes were on vacation, at the ball game, entertaining friends, promoting business, relaxing with co-workers but the drug had become the common denominator. The people places and things associated with the drug would not have near the same significance without it! As the years progress the level of fun diminishes and the problems increase. The habit starts to develop and our thinking confuses the pursuit of fun with desire/ need for the drug. This need can be physiological and or emotional. We tell ourselves we have control and can quit or reduce our consumption at any time. What we are starting to find is that the fun is illusive and the problems are continual. Denial plays a major role in this stage and it’s hard to admit we have become unhappy and need change. Developing a pleasurable life without drugs is no easy task and in truth the most difficult part of recovery. Drugs are quite effective at blocking out painful feelings i. e. boredom, sadness, loneliness, frustration, stress. To achieve a life that is continually pleasurable is unrealistic and learning to cope with the difficult times is a primary task of sobriety. The pleasure we now seek doesn’t involve the adrelene rush and exhilaration of the past but a more even, serene and balanced lifestyle. Is it worth trading the hectic pace of the past for a dependable life of recovery?