Recovery Options

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Recovery Options

Is a 30 day inpatient rehab the right choice

These are legitimate concerns deserving informed answers. Marin Drug Recovery is capable of creating an alternative ‘option for recovery’ that can lead to a life free of chemical addiction. Of course recovery options and alternatives will not be the best choice for all and those with more severe addictions may need to find medical detoxification and an extended inpatient program to help launch into a sustainable recovery. Many others suffering drug and alcohol abuse or dependence can benefit from an individually tailored program, which will suit their current situation. While specifics will need to be discussed, an approach of this direction usually consists of individual therapy and establishing an ongoing support system. This is designed to create and compliment a new way of living beginning with the first day of recovery.

Trust & Experience

What is expected of our clients?

Simply to bring a strong desire for change, honesty and integrity. The ‘work’ takes on the atmosphere of a warm conversation with a close friend…. supportive, knowledgeable and willing to confront unhealthy patterns. What you bring to the conversation is a willingness to participate, learn and grow. While many believe that it is necessary to ‘hit bottom’ before recovery can begin, we believe that it is not necessary to ‘lose everything’ before the cycle of addiction can be reversed. If you want the freedom to choose a healthy, loving lifestyle, the best day to begin is today.

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