Alcohol Dependence and Abuse Counseling

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Alcohol Dependence & Abuse Counseling

The terminology varies; abuse, addiction, alcoholism, dependence, problem drinker, functioning alcoholic, yet all result in problems

The definition is clear; alcohol dependence can be defined as drinking alcoholic beverages in a manner that causes problems with physical health, mental health and social/family or job/school responsibilities.

Paul Pribuss MFT at Marin Drug Recovery in San Rafael is your resource for compassionate, immediate and experienced guidance through your alcohol addiction therapy.


Once in the depths of alcoholism, an individual has great difficulty breaking through the denial to achieve change or help. Typically an alcoholic experiences some form of “hurt” before their addiction becomes obvious to them. Unfortunately their friends, family usually have already noticed or experienced the problem. Again these mishaps can range from “seemingly” minor situation to a major event.

The concept of reaching one’s “bottom” is different for everybody and a choice does exist as to how much suffering is endured

Treatment & Counseling for Alcoholics

If you believe you have a problem with alcohol and your life seems less than satisfactory, it may be worth exploring a better way to live.

Paul Pribuss MFT at Marin Drug Recovery in Marin is your best resource for immediate, compassionate and experienced guidance.

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