Why not try to get sober on my own?

Typically when we start looking for help with our drug and alcohol problems there has been some recent incident which causes the search. At this stage, if the truth is told, there have been many independent attempts to alter the pattern with which we use. How many times have we said “I can stop whenever I want” only to find those brave words were not long term? These attempts have led to the current situation and these current predicaments. Immediately after the incident which causes the search for help we have great remorse and are willing to take any steps to rectify the damage. Within a few days we start to physically feel better and possibly some of the scrutiny surrounding the event is reduced. This is the critical point in the process. The addiction wants to continue and any form of delay is detrimental to recovery. Wanting to try it on our own is another form of delay and will more than likely lead to the same results. How bad does the situation have to become before we decide to address the problem? The best time to change is today!